Retaking the San Bailanda Casino: 2,946 Dancers Break the World Record

Over the weekend, Havana became the epicentre of a historic dance event that captivated the world. Thousands of dancers from Cuba and beyond descended upon the city to participate in the largest Rueda de Casino event ever recorded.

At the heart of this spectacle was the ambitious goal to reclaim the title of the world’s largest Rueda de Casino, previously held by Venezuela in 2022. Spearheaded by Cuban cultural institutions and the international project “Retaking the San Bailanda Casino,” the event aimed to pay homage to Cuban Son and its iconic interpreters while showcasing the vibrancy of Cuban culture to the world.

Months of preparation culminated in an electrifying display of talent and unity as dancers of all ages and backgrounds came together on Havana’s seafront drive boulevard. Couples swayed to the infectious rhythms of Son Cubano, weaving intricate patterns in synchronised harmony.

The energy was palpable as participants from across the globe, including China, Latin America, and Belgium, joined Cuban locals in the mammoth dance circles.

For Tahyla Rondon, a Cuban dancer, participating in the Mega-Wheel was not only a celebration of dance but also a profound connection to her country’s cultural heritage.

“I’ve been dancing Casino for nearly a year with the University Casino Club, and for me, it’s very significant to be part of our country’s cultural history by participating in such a big project like this one,” shared Tahyla Rondon.

After an exhilarating eight minutes of non-stop dancing, an international jury announced the astounding results: 2,946 dancers across 142 dance circles had successfully set a new world record for Rueda de Casino.

The achievement not only showcased the talent and passion of Cuban dancers but highlights the power of dance to unite people from diverse backgrounds in a shared celebration of culture and community.

As the music faded and the dancers caught their breath, Havana basked in the glow of a triumphant moment, one that will be remembered for years to come as a testament to the enduring spirit of Cuban salsa and the indomitable resolve of those who dance to its rhythm.

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