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What to Wear to Salsa Class

Cuban Salsa is a dynamic and fluid style of dance. It’s important to be able to move freely around your partner and the dance floor. To get the most out of your experience, there are a few things you should consider:


Whatever you choose to wear should be comfortable and easy to move in. For both men and women, we recommend breathable fabrics and fitted tops such as t-shirts or athletic wear. Anything too loose could get in the way. Leggings, shorts, or dance trousers are perfect for allowing a full range of motion. If you prefer to wear a dress or a skirt, make sure it’s not too tight and allows you to move easily. Knee length is usually a good choice.


  • Women: Salsa dance shoes usually have a heel of no more than 2 inches and a strap to secure the foot.
  • Men: Dance shoes typically have a suede or leather sole to ensure smooth movement on the dance floor.

But don’t worry if you are just starting out; comfortable trainers with a smooth sole will be perfect to get you moving.

Make sure you bring plenty of water; salsa can be an intense workout, and you want to make sure you stay hydrated!

There are a few things you should be mindful to avoid. Dangling jewellery can easily get caught as you spin around the dance floor, and unsupportive or loose shoes like flip-flops and sandals can cause a trip hazard. But otherwise, the main thing to remember is not to overthink it. Wear what makes you feel confident. Cuban Salsa should be enjoyed!