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Can Dancing Salsa Enhance Your Romantic Relationships?

Can dancing salsa enhance your romantic relationships? The short answer is YES! Dancing salsa isn’t just a fun and energetic way to stay fit – it can also work wonders for your romantic relationship. Sharing the dance floor with your partner can strengthen your bond and bring you closer together. When you dance salsa, you […]

Incorporating Cuban Salsa Into Your Fitness Routine

Tired of spending hours at the gym? Bored of your usual run? Exercise doesn’t have to be hard work! Did you know that one hour of Cuban Salsa can burn up to 600 calories? With fast-paced steps, quick turns, and dynamic movements, salsa can raise your heart rate, making it a form of high-intensity aerobic […]

What to Wear to Salsa Class

Cuban Salsa is a dynamic and fluid style of dance. It’s important to be able to move freely around your partner and the dance floor. To get the most out of your experience, there are a few things you should consider: Comfort: Whatever you choose to wear should be comfortable and easy to move in. […]

History of Cuban Salsa

Cuban Salsa has its origins in the African rhythms brought to Cuba during the 16th to 19th-century slave trade. Despite the oppressive conditions, the African cultural heritage was preserved through religion, music, and dance. By the early 19th century, African rhythms and dances blended with Spanish colonial music, creating new Afro-Cuban genres such as Rumba, […]

Retaking the San Bailanda Casino: 2,946 Dancers Break the World Record

Over the weekend, Havana became the epicentre of a historic dance event that captivated the world. Thousands of dancers from Cuba and beyond descended upon the city to participate in the largest Rueda de Casino event ever recorded. At the heart of this spectacle was the ambitious goal to reclaim the title of the world’s […]